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How do I keep dwm.exe from trying to run? Disable in Services doesn't help

How do I troubleshoot programs appearing that I didn't install? Not responding t

How long should my computer take to initially start up?

How to fix crashes in Windows 7 when install Updates or programs

how to fix blue screen problm SYSTEM_LICENSE_VIOLATION

How to Monitor and Control Your Children's Computer Usage on Windows 8

I get another explorer.EXE in my taskmanager

I have a Trojan; HJT + Spybot will not open

Icons And Toolbar Off Page

IE 10 Update causing new issues ?

i'll try once more with this incredibly difficult Reimage virus.

Install Issue

Installed Automatic Updates; Now Get No New 'windows'/screens

Intrusive Windows Update

Invisible pops ups and volume (wave) muting problems

Iomega 250 Driver

IP configuration issue after Sleep.

Ipod Problem- Usb Device Not Recognized

Is Bitdefender Free compatible with windows 10?

is graphics driver responsible for window's restart?

Is it a driver issue

Is it advisable to downgrade from 8.1 to XP?

is it really worth upgradeing to windows 7?

Is it possible to upgrade win 8.0 to win 10

Is Kaspersky enough? Any thoughts?

Is my computer gone? :(

Is My Copy of Office 2007 Pirated?

Is Norton the only antivirus compatible with HP?

Is the keylogger still there

Is there a dump file created when the display driver crashes? Where is it?

Is there a Photo Wizard for Windows 10?

Is there a way to hide a folder + not show up in search?

Is there a way to get rid of the way Windows 7 keeps a unique color on each Taskbar item you hover the mouse over?

Is there any possible way to upgrade from a bootable flash drive?

Is this a good time to upgrade to Win 7?

Is this combo good in windows 10?

Is this computer worth recovering or should I format it all?

Is This Enough Anti-spy?

Is this normal? Causes CPU and disk memory overload

Is this security software enough?

is upgrade possible? Worth it?

Is Windows 10 spying on users

Is Windows Defender still useful?

Is Windows 10 technical preview stable?

Is Windows 8.1 to be avoided for the time being?

Is Windows Firewall good enough?

Is Windows 10 worth the upgrade?

Is Windows 10 ready?

Is Windows update is breaking my computer?

ISO on a Virtual Drive in Windows 10

ISO file update

Issue With Directx 10

Issue with Installing Printer and Uninstalling Print Driver

Issue with limited accounts after virus removal

Issue with RAM usage

Issue with my Sound Drives - No sound

Issue with system restore when trying to install Windows 10 technical preview

Issue with sound drivers? Not all programs are going to my speakers

Issue with windows shutdown error after proper shutdown/reboot

Issues Reading Some Music Cd's

Issues when two or more people are logged on Windows/ Moved

Issues with printer reading my hard drive

Issues With Recurring Trojan & Popups

ist cleaner and cant connect to the internet

ISUSPM thing start up automatically

It keeps showing hard disk errors and RAM memory usage is criticaly high I need help please

It's Free For A Year.For Win 7

Its been a year since I reformatted this computer

Itunes 7 Won't Install On My Computer

Itunes Freezing My Computer

Itunes not working on Windows 10

iTunes stopped working and will not reinstall

iTunes Update Fails - What could be the problem be?

iTunes wont download

Itunes Won't Install

Itunes Wont Run

I've a audio problem

I've come across an unknown firewall - think it's preventing windows update

I've Done the Obvious and My Computer is Still Slow.

I've fixed many problems but this stumps me/ Computer 1

Ive Had And Attempted To Remove Loads Of Bugs(list Included In Report Cos They Wont All Fit In This Title)

Java Installer won't open at all (Windows 10)

Javascript Infection / Pop-Ups

jraid.sys blue screen

Jraid.sys BSOD with debug and analysis

JRE only works in Safe Mode. Tried everything i could

July 29th Is Release Date For Windows 10

just didn't work on my pc

Just found DiagTrack running in Services

just got windows update

Just installed a new HDD but my comp is still running slow and sometimes restarting it's self.

Just lost all admin privileges.

Just Reinstalled Windows Need Sound Back

Just Say No To Windows Updates

Just trying to cleanup comp

How do people like Windows 10

Is DoNotSpy 10 junkware itself?

Is this legit or not? Get windows 10 pop-up on laptop

Kaspersky anti virus software has disappeared from my computer

Keep getting windows Asterisk sound.

Keep getting Windows preparing to instal?

Keep losing my sound

Keep Losing My List Of Useful Start-run Files

Keeping Original Programs when Upgrading OS

Keeps Randomly Freezing

Kernal_Stack_inpage_Error/ C000021A

Keyboard Command Causes App Freeze

Keyboard disabled

Keyboard icon pops up and dissapear?

Keyboard problems once installed win10

Keyboard types by itself. New separate windows appear everyime I click a folder or link.

Keypad on startup

Killbox problems

Killer Spyware Using All Ram And Reinstalls Itself

KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED/ unexpected shut down error/ BlueScreen


Know Of A Good Clipboard I Can Use?

ksecpkg.sys missing or corrupt

ks.sys BSOD when trying to record voice

Lagging PC & disappearing local disks

Laggy Computer. Concerned User

Laggy Music + Slow Computer

Lap top lost all folders &files

Laptop Audio Problems

Laptop becomes slow and error message pops up on start up

Laptop boots to default video driver

Laptop cannot shutdown completely

Laptop connects to web but not to Homegroup

Laptop crashes when logging on in normal start-up mode

laptop crashing after installing Windows updates

Laptop Crashing A lot- Blue Screens

Laptop display black after pressing certain keystroke.

Laptop Does Not Shut Down

Laptop doesn't recognize external optical drive.

Laptop doesnt sleep or hibernate

Laptop fan control is broken* / windows update not working.

Laptop freezes at logon screen

Laptop freezing and going up to 100% cpu at same time.

Laptop generally unstable--browsers slow

Laptop gone crazy - all programs either crashing or won't opem

Laptop hangs after an idle run of about 10 mins or more.

Laptop has become VERY sluggish over last 2-3 months

Laptop Having Various Issues Suddenly The Past Month

Laptop is slow to startup and shutdown

Laptop keeps freezing plus problem with windows update.

Laptop keeps re-starting-as if on a loop

laptop laggg (win 10)

Laptop Not Longer Goes To Standby Or Hibernate

Laptop only staying connected to wifi while power cord is in.


Laptop Refusing To Run Windows

Laptop restarting itself

Laptop running extremely slow in windows browser and internet browser

Laptop Sometimes Won't Sleep

Laptop Stays black with no cursor after Windows logo goes away

Laptop suddenly borderline unusable

Laptop takes about 5 to 10 minutes to boot from being off. What's up?

Laptop takes long time to load at start-up and freezes continually

laptop telling me it cant activate windows but its been running over a month

Laptop Unable to Boot up Past the Microsoft Loading Screen

Laptop Unable To Get To Desktop

Laptop will not hibernate

Laptop will sometimes get stuck during shutdown

Laptop win 8.1 No Internet Wireless Or Wires

laptop with shut-down problems

Laptop with constant BSODs

Laptop won't go past the 'Starting Windows' screen.

Laptop won't recognise ethernet connection

laptop wont shut down

Laptop won't shut down properly - hangs on Windows Shutting Down

Laptop won't open programmes very slow virus suspected

Laptop won't unmute

Laptop's sound suddenly quit playing. Tried everything can think of

Laptops won't play CD videos

Laptop's Sound Skips

Large Ram Usage

latest update fails to install everytime

Latest windows updates (one failure) causing very slow shutdown.

Latest Wmp 10 Security Update Makes Movies B&w

Latest Windows Update Slowed Computer

Learn more about combofix

Left Click on File in Menu Bar Launches a New Window

Left clicking Wireless icon wont open a menu

lenovo in a loop after update

Lenovo Laptop Extremely Slow. Ten Minutes To Boot.

Let's see if we can help the disabled guy with the keyboard problem

Live Security Platform Virus - No proxy chkd still can't connect

LNK and EXE files not working

loading combofix

LocalBox for home use is remotely manipulated via Bios and BCDedit changes

Locate Link Browser Window

Locate Link Browser?

Lock ups and cpu usage spikes

Locked file folder on external hd - looks suspicious


Log Posted--system Acting Irratic Suddenly

Logging in then automatically being logged out problem

Logging Off Takes For Ever And Computer Running Slow

logging off takes forever - please help

Login froze 5 times after entering password - 6th time booted fine

login password screen broken

login password? suddenly?

LogIn name not appearing on Start menu & access denied

Login problem on windows10

Log-In problems after recent update

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